Boxed Cushions - Made to Order

Boxed Cushions - Made to order

Boxed Cushions: Boxed seat and back cushions are very fashionable, they are also chosen for their look and comfort. Various types of fillings can be used - the most popular are listed below but if you require others, such as feather and down, please ask.

A soft boxed cushion is not merely a bag of filling, or the filling would simply drop to the bottom or back as soon as it was used. These cushions are divided by deep walls that keep the filling in its place.

IMPORTANT: All soft cushions should be plumped up daily, depending on usage, to prevent them from going flat and hard.

Below is a price chart as a guide - but do remember when pricing that all soft cushion interiors should be at least one inch bigger than the outer cover. However it is best to keep the boxing depth the same as the outer cover.


Boxed Cushion Price Chart

For prices of larger cushions, contact our sales office


*Average Border Size is length + width of cushion divided by 2

# Boxing depth should be the measurement of outer cover between the seams

For ‘T’ or ‘L’ or any other shaped cushion a template of paper is required

Prices are per cushion. Orders under £200 may carry a £15 surcharge.

Carriage at standard rates and VAT applies to all prices