Button Covering Lever Press Machine


Button Machine Cutting Pad 5 x 5inch

£30.35 each (including VAT)
BUT/PAD    5 available.

Button Machine Cutting Pad (Large) 10 x 10inch

£106.24 each (including VAT)
BUT/PAD/L    1 available.

Button Covering Lever Press

£343.88 each (including VAT)

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This machine is used to press out covered buttons but the machine needs to be used with cutter and die sets (purchased separately) according to the button size.
Button moulds are also purchased separately. Please ask for further details and prices for other sizes and types of button moulds not avaiable via our web site.
Moulds are available in different sizes No. 24, 30, 36 and in Imperial and Metric types.

You must always make sure that you order use Imperial Moulds with Imperial Dies and Cutters or use Metirc Moulds with Metric Dies and Cutters. As Metric and Imperial moulds are very slightly different sizes.

If you need help please don’t hesitate to contact one of our helpful sales team

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