Galleria Fabric Col. Graphite Key


Galleria Fabric Col. 1950 - Graphite Key 3-5 mtr

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£41.96, now £37.76! per mtr (including VAT)
FAB/GAL/3-5/1950    Min. order 3.  

Galleria Fabric Col.1950 - Graphite Key 6+ mtr

£32.52, now £29.27! per mtr (excluding VAT)
£39.02, now £35.12! per mtr (including VAT)
FAB/GAL/6+/1950    Min. order 6.  

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Galleria is a collection of Jacquard design weaves co ordinated with our Olendro plain, all produced in the finest yarn.

Width: 140cm

Pattern Repeat: 3.5cm

Content: 100% Polyester

Martindale Rub Test: 30,000

Washable at 40

Please note: It is important to choose the right code in the grid that matches how many metres you wish to order. (The more metres you get the cheaper it becomes, per metre)

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