Castor Glides for carpeted floors – 40mm internal dia


Castor Glides for carpeted floors - 40mm internal dia

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£11.87 per set 4 (including VAT)
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Smooth glide based castor cups for carpeted floors to take a 40mm black wheel castor<BR
The following is a comment from a customer:

“BEST furniture ‘caps’ EVER. We have finally got a product that works-these caps are brilliant, we had tried others but they were useless. If you want to protect your flooring please buy these caps”

Are you fed up with castors making marks on your hard or carpeted floor?

Unlike other castor cups, this unique ‘Snap Fit’ is designed to make the castor ‘click’ tightly into the glide to stop the wheel jumping out when the furniture is moved.
No need to remove your existing castors from your furniture simply snap this glide onto them.
There are several cups sizes to fit different types of castors. Glides for carpets or felt bases for hard floors. Explore the grid to find your perfect combination of castor type, glide base and glide colour or look in the glide catagory and make your choice from the pictures. Those pictured here are for 40mm black castors cups in a discreet grey glide with a smooth curved base to protect carpets.
Please make sure you order the correct cups as these will only fit the castors as pictured.

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