Headboard Forks-Hardwood 760 mm

Headboard Forks-Hardwood 760 mm


TWO sets of Headboard Forks-Hardwood 760 mm

£18.03 per 2 sets (excluding VAT)
£21.64 per 2 sets (including VAT)
MC8A.    2 available.



Headboard Forks

SAVE £1.24 on 2 sets

SAVE over £4.50 on 4 sets

These are wooden uprights that slide into the fittings at the back of your divan. Make pilot holes 6 inches from either end of your board, then knock in the T nuts (see MC8A) from the front of the board. The nuts should fit tightly.
When the front of the board is covered and the backing cloth is on, fix the forks by screwing the bolts into the T nuts from the back of the board.

Code SP-MC8 – for two sets of Headboard forks 760mm

Code SP-MC8- 4 sets of forks

Bolts to fix forks to headboard . Code MC8A – Set of 4 headboard bolts & ‘T’ nuts fit forks securely to headboard.

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