Metre Measuring Sticks 1m


Wood Measuring Stick Brass ends dual measurements1mtr

£29.88, now £28.39! each (including VAT)

Metal Ruler dual-Imperial & metric1mtr

£21.72, now £20.63! each (including VAT)
T11A    3 available.

Metal Rule dual - Imperial & metric1.5 m/60inch

£41.46, now £39.39! each (including VAT)
T11B    6 available.

Aluminium Rule 72x2inch w dual-Imperial & metric

£67.48, now £64.11! each (including VAT)
T11C    2 available.

Gov Stamped Wood Rule High Definition Metric & Imperial1m

£46.56, now £44.23! each (including VAT)

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One metre and the reverse side is a one yard measuring stick. Available in wood or metal.

Code T11 Wooden measuring stick

Code T11A 1 m Metal Stick

Code T11B Heavy 1.5m/60 inch metal measure (3.8cm/1.5″ wide)

Code T11C Aluminium Rule 72″ x2″w dual-Imperial & metric

All rules are dual metric/imperial markings

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