Twin Wheel Castor Glides for carpeted floor 50mm dia


Twin Wheel Castor Glides for carpeted floor 50mm dia

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Double Wheel Castor Cups

Double wheel castors tend to mark your carpet and hard floors and it can be difficult to stop the furniture moving uncontrollably. These simple but very affective castor cups will solve the problem. The wheels fit snugly into the cups and won’t easily jump out when you lift or push the furniture.
They are available for both carpeted and hard floors. The glide versions for carpets prevent the castors from digging into your carpet yet at the same time allow you to glide the furniture with ease.
The hard floor version of these cups have a flat non slip base preventing unwanted movement or a felt base also preventing nasty marks and scratches that castors can leave.
There are three sizes available which should correspond with the diameter of the wheel.
Colour Black.

As the sizes of these cups can be confusing the following is a guide of the internal measurement: Please Note that the guard to the wheel will sit inside the cup.

45mm cups = 52mm x 41mm normally fits 40mm dia wheel

50mm cups = 59mm x 46mm normally fits 50mm dia wheel

Note: you will also need to match the combined width of the two wheels to the width of the cup, this can vary between different makes.

Also available in felt base for hard floors.

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