Which staple gun?

March 2, 2017

Your staple gun will give you years of service provided it is used correctly. Some hobby models, if plugged in too long, may overheat: To avoid this do not leave the tool plugged in for more than 2 hours per session.

Electric staple guns can jam if you fire them too rapidly: Please allow time for the mechanism to return before firing the next staple. Rapid firing is for pneumatic (air) guns.

Electric guns are put into three categories; hobby, semi-pro and professional guns. Remember that some pressure may still need to be applied and there is a kickback on electric guns as the working mechanism is in the nose. Do not try to repeat fire too quickly or this can jam.

  • A hobby gun cannot be used for excessively long periods or it will overheat. It will also not be as powerful as a professional gun, making penetrating hard woods and MDF difficult.
  • Semi-Pro: This is a little more powerful and can be used for longer periods.
  • Professional electric gun: More powerful and can be used for longer periods without overheating. It will also use a professional wire staple (71 series) which comes in boxes of 20,000, making the individual staples cheaper. This is the same staple generally used for upholstery in a pneumatic gun.

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Air (pneumatic) Guns

Obviously the outlay is a little more when setting up your kit, but the advantages are many. Repeat firing is not a problem as there is only a blade to return into the nose each time rather than a spring mechanism.  Very little pressure is required when firing and there is no kickback.

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