Chalk Wheel Mouse

Chalk Wheel Mouse


Chalk Wheel Mouse

£5.78 each (excluding VAT)
£6.94 each (including VAT)
ERG/CM.    6 available.

Chalk Wheel Mouse White refill cartridge

£3.95 each (excluding VAT)
£4.74 each (including VAT)
ERG/CC-W.    10 available.

Chalk Wheel Mouse Yellow refill cartridge

£5.19 per 1 (excluding VAT)
£6.23 per 1 (including VAT)
ERG/CC-Y.    8 available.

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No more broken pieces of chalk trodden into the floor!
Keep your chalk sharp at all times. This ingenious little mouse makes sure that you get a fine line every time. The chalk is a loose powder sealed inside a replaceable cartridge that is distributed via a wheel leaving a pure straight line.

The precise roller tip ensures an even delivery of chalk with no mess. The line is well defined and also much easier to remove than conventional tailors chalk.

Each mouse has a neat little cap to protect the wheel when stored.

Your cartridge will last a long time but when you do need to replace it, it will be good to have a new one on hand. Refill Cartridges are available in white and yellow.

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