Threads, Twines & Cords

When embarking on an upholstery project using ordinary everyday thread won’t cut it, upholstery thread is stronger and more durable. Where other threads may snap when pressure is applied, upholstery threads won’t. 

If your project involves springs and buttons then you may want to use twine, as this will give an aesthetical stronghold to secure these items in place. Gives the right to feel when used for traditional upholstery projects.

Looking to add trim to vehicle upholstery or a defined edge to a seat, then upholstery cord is the aesthetic tool for you. There are several varieties of upholstery cord that either produces a smooth piped finish or add a little twist for a custom finish. 
When looking at the thread, twine or cord you will be using it is important to look at your choice of fabric. We have a luxurious range of upholstery fabrics, find the perfect one for your project!