Hobby Electric 53EL Staple KIT

Hobby Electric 53EL Staple KIT


Hobby Electric Staple 53EL Kit with Remover/Staples/Nails

£69.48 each (excluding VAT)
£83.38 each (including VAT)
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This is a lightweight high impact electric tacker. Suitable for upholstery and many other DIY jobs in the home, garden or at work. It fires a wire 53 Series Staples from a 6 mm up to a 14 mm long inclusive. Also no adjustments needed when changing to firing 15 mm long nails (brads). Plug included.

Kit also Includes

2,000 53 series 6mm staples

2,000 53 series 10mm staples

2,000 15mm nails

Staple Remover

Tool Weight 750 grms


Additional information

Weight 1.633 kg


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