How To Make A Padded Headboard

June 10, 2020

Looking for a way to change up your room, without spending too much? Why not consider making a padded headboard for your bed – comfy and sophisticated!

Like the idea, but not sure how to do it? Don’t worry it’s not as hard as it sounds and we’ll talk you through each step, get ready for a chic new addition to your bedroom!

So, what will you need?

When buying your items, you may need to consider the size of wood you need as this will depend on how wide your mattress is and how high you want the headboard to go. Also, when buying the foam it may be worth noting that we offer the option of ordering foam pre-cut to the size you want – that’s one less job for you!

Simple steps to make your perfect padded headboard:

Step 1 – Cut the wooden pieces for your headboard to the desired size

Step 2 – Unless you ordered pre-cut foam, cut the foam to fit the wooden pieces with the foam cutters.

Step 3 – Spray adhesive onto the wooden pieces and place the foam on top, this spray adhesive will fix the foam to the wood once dry.

Step 4 – Now, cut the fabric of your choice and wadding to the size of your wooden pieces, but be sure to leave an extra 6 inches of excess material around the edges to make fixing them in place later easier.

Step 5 Stretch the wadding over the foam and wooden board, stapling in place at the back.

Repeat this on each piece of headboard.

Step 6 – Complete step 5 again, but with the fabric you’ve chosen.

Step 7 – Once you are happy that all the material is fixed in place, attach all the boards together by fixing the strap ties at the back using a screwdriver and screws.

Step 8 – Then, set up the large picture hangers on the wall and attach attachment for them to the padded headboard.

Top Tip: this project can be easily adapted, so that if you just want to use one piece of wooden board then you can. Simply cut materials to fit the size of that one wooden piece and follow the instructions as normal.

All you need to do now is hang it from the wall and voila, you have a new padded headboard for your bed!

Need the tools for this project?

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