Finding The Best Staple Gun For Your Project

September 27, 2021

Why it’s important to have the right staple gun

Staple guns should be a key piece of equipment in your toolbox, especially when it comes to upholstering. They are essential for securing your hard work in place and making sure that nothing is going to easily break. The last thing you want after spending time upholstering furniture is for it to instantly be ruined by breakages caused by it not being secured properly. It can be difficult to find the right staple gun for the project you need, which is why we have created this blog about the three main types of staple guns, comparing them and giving our professional opinion on the best option for you. With the right staple gun, you can transform the way you upholster, making it much easier for you. 

Electric Staple Guns

If you have done a limited amount of research, an electric staple gun may sound like the best option for you as they represent the middle ground of staple guns. Maybe you want a pneumatic but aren’t a fan of the price and think that going electric will do. We recommend you delve a little further and compare it to the tasks you want to complete, before making any decision. 

Electric staple guns have many benefits due to their versatility and portability. If the ability to be fully portable is your main goal, we would recommend using a manual staple gun as with an electric staple gun, you will need to be near a socket and extension leads can sometimes be risky with high powered tools. 

Efficiency and ease is a top priority for us; we want you to be able to achieve your goals without the additional effort of heavy and complicated tools. An electric staple gun can work much faster than the manual alternative,helping you save time on your projects.

Hand Staple Guns

If you have a small project that requires small amounts of precision and care, then a hand staple gun is probably the best option for you. The precision of a manual staple gun is unmatched by powerful alternatives. You can choose exactly where you want something stapled and measure it to be perfect; something that can be much more difficult to achieve with electric or pneumatic staple guns. 

A key reason that many people decide to use a manual staple gun is the portability of the tool. A lack of wires means that this can tool can be travelled around and capable of doing both indoor and outdoor tasks without the constant need to find an accessible plug socket. The price of a manual staple gun is also an attractive feature. Unlike its electrical alternatives; it won’t contribute towards your electricity bill or be an expensive investment making it ideal for small budgets.

Pneumatic staple guns

The high-powered, pneumatic staple gun is unmatched when it comes to heavy-duty tasks. We recommend this tool for anyone who has a large task that can simply not be achieved with lower powered machinery. The power from this machine can also become a safety issue if used incorrectly. The high force and velocity makes it a more dangerous tool compared to lower powered alternatives which is why we recommend large amounts of caution when using the product. 

Pneumatic staple guns can be a large investment for anyone due to the high price tag. However, they often require less maintenance and will overall perform better than an electrical staple gun due to the power of them allowing them to staple almost any large task. We highly recommend looking into the cost over time and the comparison between an electrical staple gun if you will be using it for heavy-duty tasks.

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