What Are The Different Types Of Upholstery Scrim?

May 13, 2022

Scrim is used on the top layer of traditional upholstery padding. 

Your heavy Tessian acts as a base and is placed on the bottom, then on top we add the hair or artificial fibre fillings. We then add a top layer of ‘Hessian’, which is what you will stitch into. However this top layer is traditionally known as a Scrim.

You could use a number 2 scrim, which is a very fine Linen. However we recommend 3 other alternatives which vary in price.

The cheapest option to go with is Jute. This is similar to a 12oz Hessian, and is 72” wide, making this ideal for larger items and projects. This natural coarse fabric has good straight threads to follow when cutting and sewing. This is a great option if you are looking to achieve a certain feel and look to your furniture.

The most expensive, but certainly the best and highest quality option is Linen scrim. While this is on the pricier side, number 7 Linen scrim is nice and durable to work with, and the strongest material to use for your upholstery projects. Some of the best traditional upholsterers will use nothing less than Linen scrim in their upholstery rather than the jute. It is much finer and yet incredibly strong. True to all Linen it gives exceptional service and is very easy to work with. This fabric comes 36” wide.

If you still want the strength of the Linen but a much cheaper price tag, we recommend a Cotton & Linen scrim! Linen scrim is widely regarded as one of the best products to use so we’ve introduced this Linen Cotton Scrim as a step between Jute and Linen. The combination of these two materials makes the fabric easier to stitch than the Linen but maintains the reliable strength.

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