97 Series Staples


97 series staples 10mm leg (narrow crown) *Ltd stock

£6.06 per bx 5000 (including VAT)
R97/10    Currently unavailable.

Narrow Crown Air Staple (Gimp) Gun (97series staples)

£167.40, now £159.03! each (including VAT)

97 series staples 15mm leg (narrow crown)

£9.12 per bx 5000 (including VAT)

97 series staples 20mm leg (narrow crown)

£12.18 per bx 5000 (including VAT)
R97/20    2 available.

97 series staples 25mm leg (narrow crown)***Ltd Stk***

£6.60 per bx 5000 (including VAT)
R97/25    9 available.

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This is a Narrow Crown staple ranging in depth from 10mm depth to 25mm. They have many uses in Industry where little of the shoulders needs to be
visible. Some upholsterers use them instead of gimp pins to attach braid or fringes. We sell two guns that use the 97 series, both are pneumatics (air guns) –

Tacwise 97/10-25

BEA 97/25-550,

Go to our Staple Gun catagory for more details.

Please use the grid to select your staples

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