Aluminium Bottom Bar – Roman Blind


AluminiumBottomBar-RomanBlind -Maxcut 1.5m long to transport

£18.73 per 3 m (excluding VAT)
£22.48 per 3 m (including VAT)
RB2AB    12 available.

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Aluminium Bottom Bar for Roman Blinds

This is the heavy bar that is used to weight the bottom of a Roman Blind. We stock them in 3 metre lengths. However transporting them is can be costly in their 3 metre length and so we need to shorten them for this purpose. The maximum length we can send is 1.5 metres. Please let us know how you would like your bar cut, we can cut it in to 3 pieces if it would help you.

We regret that due to transport costs any lengths over 1 metre will carry an extra carriage charge. You may be contacted about this after your order has been placed.

Code: RB2AB

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