Angled Corner Plate Leg Fittings


M8 Nut Angled Corner Plate 60mm x 60mm

£5.34 per set 4 (including VAT)
ANGL-FX    15 available.

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Turn a straight tapered leg into an angled accent leg.
If the legs have an M8 dowel central fitting then this special T nut will angle the legs giving a completely different look.

60 mm square.

M8 nut angle from plinth is 12.5 degrees. Hole diameter in from will vary depending on the length of dowel exposed through nut.

M8 Dowel Length / Hole diameter required

40 mm exposed length – hole diam 23 mm

35 mm exposed length – hole diam 20 mm

30 mm exposed length – hole diam 18 mm

4 screws required (not provided) for each nut to go through 5.5mm dia holes.


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