Bent Cranked Ripping Chisel


Cranked Ripping Chisel London style Handle

£28.98, now £27.53! each (excluding VAT)
£34.78, now £33.04! each (including VAT)
T5    48 available.

Osborne Cranked Ripping Chisel-Amber handle

£32.66, now £31.03! each (excluding VAT)
£39.19, now £37.24! each (including VAT)
T5-OSB    1 available.


This tool is at a good angle for removing old upholstery and tacks. Knock end of handle with the hide or wooden mallet to remove old fabric and tacks.
Two styles available, the London Handle (as pictured) with the bulge at the end, to help prevent damage to your hand and the Osborne Amber handle.

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