Bun Feet incl fixings


Bun Feet incl fixings


Mahog finish Bun feet incl fxgs 85mmdia 43mmhigh

£15.35 per set 4 (excluding VAT)
£18.42 per set 4 (including VAT)
WFA0801.    16 available.

Nat Gloss Bun feet incl fxgs 85mmdia 43mm high

£15.35 per set 4 (excluding VAT)
£18.42 per set 4 (including VAT)
WFA0805.    17 available.

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The original solid hardwood bun foot. Their uses are endless:

  • Transform a suite in minutes by removing the castors and fitting solid wood bun feet.
  • Raise the height of an arm chair or bookcase
  • Make a simple foot stool

    approx. size 85 mm diameter and 43 mm high. They also measure 26mm from screw at top to flat outside edge.

    (For larger size see BIG FOOT 110 mm dia x 40 mm high.)

    Available in Mahogany or natural polished finish. Complete with M8 metal dowel and T nut fittings. If you are using bun feet on a polished/hard floor why not replace the metal glide on the bottom with felt tipped glides. Put about 3 to 4 glides to each foot this gives good balance. Alternatively use 38mm dia felt pads.

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