Cord Upholstery Twine 3


LinenUpholstery Twine 3 Cord- sold in multiples of10m lngths

£3.76 per 10 m (including VAT)
Y1-3A    187 available.

Linen Upholstery Twine 3 Cord (Approx 4 balls per kilo)

£139.08 per kilo (including VAT)
Y1-3(BUY)    1 available.

Linen Upholstery Twine 3 Cord (Ball) apprx 250grm

£34.78 per ball (including VAT)
Y1BB    6 available.

Linen Upholstery 3 Cord Twine Buy 3x250grm balls get 1 FREE

£104.32 per kilo (including VAT)
Y1BBKILO    1 available.


This is an Irish Linen Barbours twine. It has a very high breaking strain especially for sewing upholstery pads and is used for traditional upholstery work. 3 Cord is the finer twine used for sewing a feather edge stitch or sewing layers of calico or scrim around an iron frame.

The thicker No 4 and No 6 cord is also available.

Twine dispenser not included

Sold by the ball or in multiples of 10 metre lengths.

NB for example to order 20m choose the 10m price from the grid and put ‘2’ in the quantity box.

Also Available No 8 Nylon Button Twine

TIP: To save wear on the twine whilst sewing first run it across a bees wax block.

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