Curved Bayonet Spring Needle


Curved Spring Needle 5 inches x10g

£4.05 each (excluding VAT)
£4.86 each (including VAT)
N1    112 available.

Curved Spring Needle 5 inchx10g (6 PACK) SAVE 5%

£23.07 per 6 no (excluding VAT)
£27.68 per 6 no (including VAT)
N1A    18 available.

Curved Spring Needle 5 inchx10g (GROSS)

£431.29 per gross (excluding VAT)
£517.55 per gross (including VAT)
N1GROSS    Currently unavailable.


This Curved Bayonet Spring Needle has a flat bayonet and a long eye with the overall length of 5″. This heavy 10 gauge needle curved needle is usually used in upholstery for stitching springs to webbing or tarpaulin. The bayonet end allows for easy stitching through webbing.

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Weight 0.17 kg

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