E C Fabric Cutter

E C Fabric Cutter


EC Cutter - Light Indust. Fabric cutter

£220.61 each (excluding VAT)
£264.73 each (including VAT)
T10.    2 available.

EC Cutter - Extra Rechargable Battery

£40.82 each (excluding VAT)
£48.98 each (including VAT)

EC Cutter - Spare Blade (without shoe)

£50.25 each (excluding VAT)
£60.30 each (including VAT)
T10B.    4 available.

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This fabric cutter is a useful piece of kit for both DIY and light Industrial use.

This cutter is a great gift for budding upholsterers, soft furnishers and dress makers. It is also an ideal aid if you suffer from Arthritis or other degenerative conditions affecting the hands.

Supplied with one rechargeable battery and charger. The cutter can also be used direct from the mains. It comes complete with two cutting heads.

When tested by the Association of Master Upholsterers it glided effortlessly through acrylic velvet, upholstery leather, damask.

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