Fabric Long Lasting Bond Flexible Glue


Fabric Long Lasting Bond Flexible Glue

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Bostik Fabric Glue is a water-based acrylic adhesive, which is ideal for bonding porous fabrics together. After one minute drying time it produces an instant bond that allows gentle handling. Once completely dry, bonds can be machine-washed.

Bostik Fabric Glue has a low odour, is easy to use and easily washes off fingers. It can be used for clothing (hems, trouser turn-ups, pockets, and repairing worn sleeves), labelling (attaching cloth labels & badges to children’s’ clothes), laces (when lace ends fray, put a drop of Bostik Fabric Glue on your finger and quickly roll on to the end of your lace), furnishings (taking up curtain hems, attaching pelmets and decorating soft furnishings), tears (repair torn fabric using a patch, apply Bostik Fabric Glue to the inside of the garment and to the patch then smooth into place), and buttons (a drop of Bostik Fabric Glue applied to buttons stops them unthreading)


Fabrics and materials must be clean, dry and free from grease, dust or loose material and one surface should be porous.

Work on a protected surface and take care during use, not to spill or splash the adhesive onto other fabrics or surfaces


Point the tube away from you and unscrew the cap. Push the top of the cap into the top of the tube to pierce the tube then screw on the applicator.

For best result, first practise on a scrap of material or unseen area.

Squeezing from the base of the tub

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