Fibre Back Tack Strip

Fibre Back Tack Strip


Fibre Back Tack Strip 1/2 inch

£5.10 per 5 mtrs (excluding VAT)
£6.12 per 5 mtrs (including VAT)
MC1.    541 available.

Fibre Back Tack Strip ROLL (approx 850grm/137mtrs)

£15.04 per roll (excluding VAT)
£18.05 per roll (including VAT)
MC1-1.    19 available.

Fibre Back Tack Strip (Approx 9 kilo/10 Rolls) BOXED rolls

£101.02 per box (excluding VAT)
£121.22 per box (including VAT)
MC1-1BX.    1 available.

Back Tack Strip - Plastic 1cm (10mm)

£0.72 per m (excluding VAT)
£0.86 per m (including VAT)
MC1B.    800 available.

Back Tack Strip - Plastic 1cm (10mm) REEL

£187.94 per 1000m (excluding VAT)
£225.53 per 1000m (including VAT)
MC1BRL.    Currently unavailable.

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Unsure on how to use this? Click here to see how it is done on our Hints and Tips Page

Back tack is used at the top of backs and arms to fold the fabric over to create a straight concealed seam. Also used on headboards etc. to add borders. Made of vulcanised cardboard, very stiff, or try the no-tear plastic type.

This item is available either in a 30m roll or in multiples of 5mtrs.

For Metal Back Tack Click Here

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