Ginger Coir/Fibre FR


Ginger Coir/Fibre FR (approx 5.5lb)

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£30.43, now £27.39! per 2.5 kilo (including VAT)
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Ginger Coir/Fibre FR 2.2 (approx 2.2 lb)

£11.10, now £9.99! per kilo (excluding VAT)
£13.32, now £11.99! per kilo (including VAT)
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Ginger Coir/Fibre FR (10 Kilo Bag)

£93.45, now £84.11! per 10 kilos (excluding VAT)
£112.14, now £100.93! per 10 kilos (including VAT)
F2G    4 available.

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Ginger coir is a natural coconut husk which can be used as an alternative to our 100% animal hair and the animal hair/black fibre mix. This coir is fire retardant.
Available in 2.5 kilo or 10 kilo bags.
Other option include:
Fibre/Hair Mix or
Animal Hair

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