Ginger Fibre & Hair (80/20 Mix)

Ginger Fibre & Hair (80/20 Mix)


Ginger Fibre & Hair 80/20 Mix (Approx 2.2 lb)

£18.67 per 1 kilo (excluding VAT)
£22.40 per 1 kilo (including VAT)
F23.    69 available.

Ginger Fibre & Hair 80/20 Mix (Approx 5.5 lb)

£43.79 per 2.5 kilo (excluding VAT)
£52.55 per 2.5 kilo (including VAT)
F23A.    27 available.

Ginger Fibre & Hair 80/20 Mix (Apprx 28 lb)

£156.65 per 10 kilos (excluding VAT)
£187.98 per 10 kilos (including VAT)
F23B.    6 available.

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This is a mix of Ginger fibre and 100% animal hair mixed (carded) well together to create a slightly courser texture than hair and less rough texture than fibre. Used to fill seats and arms in traditional upholstery.

All weight conversions are approximate
Other option include:
Animal Hair or
Ginger Fibre

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Weight 1.5 kg


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