Hard Wood Stool Frame


Hard Wood Stool Frame 14x18 inch

£59.34 each (including VAT)
FR14X18    3 available.

Hard Wood Stool Frame 18x 24 inch

£69.40 each (including VAT)
FR18X24    4 available.

Hard Wood Stool Frame 24x 24 inch

£61.22 each (including VAT)
FR24X24    23 available.

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Use these heavy solid hardwood frames with your own choice of legs. Approx thickness of hardwood frame 40mm x 54mm . Hand made by craftsmen with strong joints. Avail in several sizes. Just drill a hole in each corner then knock your `T` nuts in from the top of the frame. Upholster the stool and when complete simply screw in your choice of legs from the bottom to make an attractive solid stool or upholstered table – simplicity itself.
Queen Anne style legs will need to be fixed with glue and screws.
N.B. Prices do not include legs or T nuts.

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