Heading Buckram For Pleat & Goblet headings


Heading Buckram 4 inches w -For pleat & Goblet headings

£1.19 per m (including VAT)
SF11/4    53 available.

Heading Buckram 4inch w -ROLL For pleat & Goblet headings

£111.49 per 100m rol (including VAT)
SF11/4RL    Currently unavailable.

Heading Buckram 5 inch For pleat & Goblet headings

£1.27 per mtr (including VAT)
SF11/5    93 available.

Heading Buckram 5 inch ROLL For pleat & Goblet headings

£129.74 per 100m (including VAT)
SF11/5RL    Currently unavailable.

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Standard non fusable starched cotton heading buckram. Suitable for goblet and other pleated headings. Available in 4″ and 5″ widths. Available by the metre or 100, roll.

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