Heavy Cotton Heading Tape – Natural

Heavy Cotton Heading Tape – Natural


Heavy Cotton HerringboneTape 25mm w Natural

£0.78 per mtr (excluding VAT)
£0.94 per mtr (including VAT)
MC15D.    165 available.

Heavy Cotton HerringboneTape 25 mm wide - Natural

£22.02 per 50 mtr (excluding VAT)
£26.42 per 50 mtr (including VAT)
MC15D/ROLL.    3 available.

Heavy Cotton HerringboneTape 38mm w natura

£1.04 per mtr (excluding VAT)
£1.25 per mtr (including VAT)
MC15E.    69 available.

Heavy Cotton HerringboneTape 38 mm wide

£29.34 per 50 m (excluding VAT)
£35.21 per 50 m (including VAT)
MC15E/ROLL.    1 available.

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Herringbone woven 100% cotton,strong tape, available in three widths 25mm or 38mm wide. It has many decorative or practical uses. Unbleached/Natural in colour
See spindle tape for 13 mm width.

For heavy narrow tape see Product Index for ‘Spindle’ web unbleached tape

For narrow lightweight cotton tape see India tape available in black or white.

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