Jute Tarpaulin


Jute Tarpaulin 36 inches (91cm)

£8.74 per mtr (including VAT)
M4    28 available.

Jute Tarpaulin 36 inch/91cm - 10 meters

£78.00 per 10 mtr (including VAT)
M4A    2 available.

Jute Tarpaulin (15oz) 36 inch (91 cm)

£242.66 per 50m roll (including VAT)
M4RL    Currently unavailable.

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Sometimes known as Spring Tarpaulin. A close woven heavy duty 15 oz hessian. 91 cm (36 inches) wide. Excellent over springs and webbing as it does not allow hair or fibre to leak through. Very tough too.

10% off 10 metres or more
NB. to order 10 metres or more use the lower metre price and order the exact meterage required

Please do not use the lower metre price to order quantities of less than10 metres as your order may be delayed whilst further payment is collected.

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