Leather Skiving Knife Osbourne No 925

Leather Skiving Knife Osbourne No 925


Leather Skiving Knife Osbourne No 925

£19.09 each (excluding VAT)
£22.91 each (including VAT)
T9A.    5 available.

Skiving Knife 20 Blade Dispenser (Osb 925)

£21.84 each (excluding VAT)
£26.21 each (including VAT)
T9AA.    4 available.

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There are many occasions when handling leather that you need to thin it down, making buttons, trimmings or just to decrease the thickness of a fold. To do this you need to skive it on the back. This knife makes a remarkably accurate, fast and easy job of skiving leather. The remarkable tool is fitted with special razor blades, which are available separately in a dispenser.

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