Look no Button!! Blind Button Tape


Blind Button Tape (120mm)**Ltd Stk***

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Blind Button Tape (120mm)***Ltd Stk**

£22.95 per box 100 (excluding VAT)
£27.54 per box 100 (including VAT)
BUT/BLIND-100    2 available.

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Have you ever wondered how to create a blind button in your cushion, leaving only a sew line to create the impression.

This ingenious little gadget allows you to choose the length of the stich line and how deep you want the indent in the cushion to be.

Simple sew the tape to the underside of the top of the cushion fabric before making the cushion cover. Adjust the stitch position on the tape to any point to allow the correct amount of depression in the cushion. Make a slit the width of the tape in the underside (or opposite side) of the cushion cover and pull the plastic end through the filling and out to the underside. When the tab opens out it will not retreat back through the hole.

You can also go even further through into a base cloth to prevent the cushion from moving, creating a fixed cushion.

Sold in Packs of 10 or 100

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