Low Melt Glue Gun 150


Low Melt Glue Gun 150

£28.95 each (excluding VAT)
£34.74 each (including VAT)
R150    2 available.

Low Melt Glue Gun + incl pack of 12 glue sticks SAVE £1.27

£18.49 each (excluding VAT)
£22.19 each (including VAT)
R150/PCK    2 available.

Glue Sticks 150 gun 7.4mm dia x100mm

£3.73 per pack 12 (excluding VAT)
£4.48 per pack 12 (including VAT)
R150GS    3 available.


A safe, compact low melt gun

Ideal for schools and hobby use or general low volume applications. It uses 7.4mm dia x l00mm low Melt clear glue sticks which give a 60 second open time. 15 watt power. All glue guns come complete with electic plugs and 2 free sticks.

Refill Glue Stick- Packs of 12. Look below for Code R150GS

SPECIAL OFFEER PACK of 150 gun and 12 glue sticks Look below for Code: R150/PCK

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