No 3 Continuous Zipping -Green


No 3 Continuous Zipping -Green (min order 5 mtr)

£2.66 per mtr (excluding VAT)
£3.19 per mtr (including VAT)
MC6-GRN    Min. order 5.   162 available.

No 3 Continuous Zipping - Green 200 meter roll

£54.72 per 200mtr (excluding VAT)
£65.66 per 200mtr (including VAT)
MC6-GRN-200    Currently unavailable.

No 3 Loose Zip Sliders - Green (min order 10)

£0.22 each (excluding VAT)
£0.26 each (including VAT)
MC6A-GR    Min. order 10.   919 available.

No 3 Loose Zip Sliders - Green (pack of 100)

£15.30 per pck 100 (excluding VAT)
£18.36 per pck 100 (including VAT)
MC6A-GR100    9 available.

No 3 Loose Zip Sliders - Green (pack of 1000)

£49.30 per per 1000 (excluding VAT)
£59.16 per per 1000 (including VAT)
MC6A-GR1000    Currently unavailable.

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A continuous No 3, Green, nylon zipping sew in then cut to length. Suitable for loose covers and cushions. Order slightly more than required in order to pull the slide clear whilst sewing in the zipping. After you have sewn the zipping in place pull the slide back into the required area, sew over the ends and trim to length.

Please order your slides separately and note it can be very difficult to thread slides without a jig. Zip Jigs are also available to buy separately.

Please note: Minimum order is 5mtr of zipping and a minimum of 10 sliders

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