Non Slip Grips for Hard floors – 50mm internal dia


Non Slip Grips for Hard floors - 50mm internal dia

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‘Snap Fit’ Castor Cups
SNAP the castors into these cups. They won’t jump out when you move the chair
Non Slip Rubber based Castor Cups for hard floors.

Eliminate marks that your castors make on your hard floors. Not only that but these castor cups, will keep the wheels firmly snapped into the cups when the furniture is moved,
Instead of removing the castors from your furniture simply snap the glides onto the existing castors. The cup pictured here is designed to fit a 50 mm ball (Shepherd type) castor. There are also cups to fit black nylon wheels as well as double wheel castors. Other types of bases are also available. Glides for carpeted floors and felt for hard floors like wood, vinyl and also those to fit other types of castors. You can use the drop down box to find your perfect combination or just continue through this department (there are several pages).

Please make sure you order the correct cups as these will only fit the castors as pictured.

Code C9C-Rubber based Base non slip for hard floors to fit 50mm ball type castor (choose the first item in the drop down box)

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