Paper Piping Cord


Paper Piping Cord F5 - 4mm dia sold in multiples of10m

£2.18 per 10 metre (excluding VAT)
£2.62 per 10 metre (including VAT)
Y2AA    32 available.

Paper Pipng Cord F5 (4mm) ROLL

£38.82 per 500 mtr (excluding VAT)
£46.58 per 500 mtr (including VAT)
Y2AARL    Currently unavailable.

Paper Piping Cord F6 - 5mm dia sold in multiples of10m

£2.18 per 10 mtr (excluding VAT)
£2.62 per 10 mtr (including VAT)
Y2B    44 available.

Paper Piping Cord F6 (5mm) REEL 300mtrs

£27.07 per roll (excluding VAT)
£32.48 per roll (including VAT)
Y2BRL    1 available.


Paper Piping Cord – for fixed upholstery work

Available in two diameters – 4mm or 5 mm

This is not suitable for loose covers or cushions that may be washed or dry cleaned. It is primarily used for fixed upholstery work. It is made of compacted paper and covered in a thin stockinette sleeve. Each width is available by the metre (minimum order 5mtrs) or by the reel.

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