Pewter 11.3mm Nail Trim

Pewter 11.3mm Nail Trim


Pewter Nail Trim 11.3mm dia x 1 mtr long

£3.60 per mtr (excluding VAT)
£4.32 per mtr (including VAT)
H4G.    63 available.

Pewter Fixing Nails for Nail Trim 11.3 mm dia

£25.19 per box 1000 (excluding VAT)
£30.23 per box 1000 (including VAT)
H4GBOX.    1 available.

Pewter Fixing Nails for Nail Trim 11.3 mm dia

£4.19 per per 100 (excluding VAT)
£5.03 per per 100 (including VAT)
H4GG.    12 available.

Pewter Nail Trim Pack- 11.3mm dia-250 lgths+6000 Nails

£551.24 per pck (excluding VAT)
£661.49 per pck (including VAT)
H4GPCK.    Currently unavailable.

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Fancy upholstery nails that are fixed quickly and easily because they are in strips. Real nails (fixing nails) are applied at intervals in blank holes to fix the strip, an average of 20 individual nails are required per strip.
We sell them in four finishes, Bronze Renaissance, Old Gold Spec, Old Brown Spec, Nickel Plated, Pewter, Amerald and Amethyst. This picture shows the Pewter finish.

Each strip is 1 metre long and will bend around most corners but you may need to join with loose nails on flat curves. Please order the number of strips you require plus the loose nails for fixing. For large quantitiies order the PACK.

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