Pluto Waterproof Vinyl col Moss


Pluto CRIB 5 Waterproof vinyl 140cm Col. Moss 3-5 mtrMin3mtr

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Pluto CRIB 5 Waterproof vinyl 140cm Col. Moss 6+ mtr

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Pluto CRIB 5 Waterproof vinyl 140cm Col. Moss 26+ mtr

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This vinyl gives an authentic look of a quality leather. A faux leather with stylish colours and durability is perfect for every environment. Perfect for Healthcare/Hospitals, Cruise liners and numerous commercial properties. Very common to be used for wall panels, wheelchairs and in seating.

Some of the key properties of this vinyl are:


Fire retardant,


Stain Resistant,

Urea Resistant

Rub test of 400,000

Width 140cm

Composition: 2% Polyurethane, 74% PVC, 12% Cotton and 12% Polyester

A more accurate way to get the correct colour match is to request a free sample.

Please note: It is important to choose the right code in the grid that matches how many metres you wish to order. (The more metres you get, the cheaper it becomes per metre)

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