Quick Click Dining Set of 24 for carpets


Quick Click Dining Set- 24 x 20mm dia & 4 x 30mm dia-Carpet

£29.05 per set (including VAT)
CQC/20-C    6 available.

Quick Click Dining Set- 24 x 25mm dia & 4 x 30mm dia-Carpet

£33.82 per set (including VAT)
CQC/25-C    5 available.

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Click here to watch a short video on this innovative floor protection solution!

Dining Room Set

What if you change your flooring – or move the furniture to another room?

That’s not a problem because you simply click out the glide and replace it with the appropriate type of pad for tiled, wood or laminate flooring.

This is the long term solution that is designed to protect your floor from furniture movement no matter what the floor type. This pack contains all the sockets for 6 chairs and a table.

The glides in this box are of a heavy felt but if you decide later to move the set to another room or change the flooring to a carpet or tiles just click out the glides from their socket (save them for another day) and click in the new Wood/Laminate or Tiled floor pads. (available separately)

Screws are included
Quick Click glides with insets to protect carpet floors

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