Quill Gimp Col . M17 Sky


Quill Gimp approx 13mm w Col . M17 Sky

£1.45, now £1.23! per mtr (excluding VAT)
£1.74, now £1.48! per mtr (including VAT)
B/QUIL-M17    Min. order 3.   316 available.

Quill Gimp approx 13mm w Col . M17 Sky (Min. 33mtr)

£1.32, now £1.12! per mtr (excluding VAT)
£1.58, now £1.34! per mtr (including VAT)
B/QUIL-M17CRD    Min. order 33.   316 available.

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Quill Gimp approx 11mm w Col. M17 Sky

An intricate braid that will reflect the amount of work you have put into your project. However, even though it looks expensive this braid is very reasonably priced and will work well with any budget.
Please note that our minimum order is 3 meters. For a true colour match ask for a sample before ordering. Better still, send us a small cutting of your fabric and we will send you, FREE of charge, a cutting of all our braids that tone with your fabric. If your fabric is multicoloured please state with which colours you would prefer the braid to tone. No refund given on cut pieces.
Available by the metre or on a 33 metre card.

Code B/QUIL-M17 – Sky per metre

Code B/QUIL-M17 – Sky Approx 33m roll

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