Rotatable Glides Peg/Socket

Rotatable Glides Peg/Socket


Rotatable GlidesPeg/Socket 2 1/2 inches All Black

£7.80 per set 4 (excluding VAT)
£9.36 per set 4 (including VAT)
C5.    12 available.

Rotatable Glides Peg/Socket 2 1/2 inches Chromed Top

£7.43 per set 4 (excluding VAT)
£8.92 per set 4 (including VAT)
C5/CHRM.    22 available.

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Replace your wheels with this rotatable vacuum glide. 2 1/2 inch wide at the base and 1 1/2 inch deep after inserting. They glide with ease on carpets and are much kinder than wheels. Available in sets of 4 complete with sockets.

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