Rubberised hair/fibre

Rubberised hair/fibre


Rubberised hair/fibre 72x36x1 inches

£48.80 per sheet (excluding VAT)
£58.56 per sheet (including VAT)
F6AAA.    26 available.

Rubberised hair/fibre (3ftx3ftx1inch)

£26.50 per 1/2sheet (excluding VAT)
£31.80 per 1/2sheet (including VAT)
F6BB.    53 available.

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Rubberised Hair and Fibre Sheets

A flame retardant product, a mix of of hair and fibre set in rubber to form sheets 1 inch thick.
Suitable for seats and arms. Can be glued together with spray glue (MC5) to form thicker pieces. Needs to be covered in cotton felt. Sold in 6 x 3 ft sheets or in half sheets 3ft x 3 ft.

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