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Small Stitch Ripper - Pro Ergonomic Range (Aprx 3.3 inch)

£5.72 each (including VAT)
ERG/SR-S    6 available.

Large Stitch Ripper - Pro Ergonomic Range (Aprx 5.3 inch)

£7.50 each (including VAT)
ERG/SR-L    5 available.

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Whether you prefer the large or the small version (Small is pictured) of this handy stitch un-picker you won’t be disappointed in how it feels to handle. The nonslip rubber centre is designed ergonomically to stop it slipping in your hand. The knife-edge is gloriously sharp too. When removed, the lid serves as an extension to the handle and when it’s replaced protects the tool head. There is a groove around the small and the larger version which will accommodate a cord so that you can hang it around your neck, that way it is always at hand when you need it.
The Large Stitch Ripper is approximately 5.6 inches from point to end while the smaller one measures at around 3.3 inches.

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