Split Prong button Mould

Split Prong button Mould


Split Prong button No 30-19mm Metric(BACKS ONLY)

£136.09 per per 1000 (excluding VAT)
£163.31 per per 1000 (including VAT)
BUT/MOU/SP.    Currently unavailable.

Washers for split prong button (Code B8)

£0.06 each (excluding VAT)
£0.07 each (including VAT)
B8A.    443 available.

Loop/B Butn/Mou No 30 (Metr19mm) TOPS only

£20.04 per pk 1000 (excluding VAT)
£24.05 per pk 1000 (including VAT)
BUT/MOU/30M.    2 available.

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This is a metric 19mm split prong button back for use in a Lever or screw press button making machine.
Use the same 19mm metric front as used for the loop back button.

Use washers at back over prongs when working with a flexible back cloth.

For split prong button moulds only go to Button moulds in index.

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