Tailors Scissor with a Perfect Grip (Finny)


Tailors scissor Perfect Grip 8 1/4 inch -Finny

£32.57 each (excluding VAT)
£39.08 each (including VAT)
T8B    6 available.

Scissor 5 inch Very Sharp at Rounded Point

£17.85 each (excluding VAT)
£21.42 each (including VAT)
T8A    3 available.

Mundial - Professional Bent Tailors Scissor 12 inches

£50.00 each (excluding VAT)
£60.00 each (including VAT)

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You have to use these German engineered scissor to believe how well they cut.

Scissor with a Perfect Grip because the metal handles are padded for extra comfort.

For Professional cutting table scissor see Purple Handled Scissor T8PRO

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