Twine Dispenser


Twine Dispenser

£5.26 each (excluding VAT)
£6.31 each (including VAT)
Y/DISP    34 available.


This handy twine dispenser will help prevent your twine from getting into knots. We use them in our own workshop. The twine is dispensed through the hole in the top of the lid preventing it from tangling. Pull twine from centre of ball. You will also find that the end is not always getting lost either.

It has a see-through top so that you can see how much twine is left on the ball and is the perfect size for your twines.
It is available to purchase on its own or FREE if you purchase any two balls of twine. Just order two balls (either 3, 4 or 6 cord) and our sales team in the office will automatically add the dispenser to your shopping basket before it is despatched.

Twine is not included with this purchase which is for the dispenser only.

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Weight 1.2 kg