Twist Loose Cover Pins (Antimacassar)

Twist Loose Cover Pins (Antimacassar)


Twist Loose Cover Pins (Antimacassar)

£7.36 per per 30 (excluding VAT)
£8.83 per per 30 (including VAT)
N7A.    10 available.

Twist Loose Cover Pins (Antimacassar)

£37.36 per per 200 (excluding VAT)
£44.83 per per 200 (including VAT)
N7ABX.    1 available.

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These pins can be used to hold antimacassars or armlets in place as well as any other part of a loose cover that has a soft filling beneath. The advanage of this pin is that once in place it is unlikely to come loose.

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