Wool Safe Felt Barrier


Woolsafe Barrier Felt Schedule 3 ,Crib5 Interliner - 137cm w

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Woolsafe Barrier Felt 50m Roll Schedule 3 ,Crib5 Interliner

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A versatile wool-felt interliner which is inherently flame retardant. It is most widely used as a barrier cloth between the upholstery top fabric and the filling materials

It has significant stretch characteristics making it very user friendly and forgiving, especially when used in place of conventional FR calicos.

Its relatively thick but soft, felt construction (approx. 3mm thick before compression), produces the effect of a thin wadding (similar to the old-style skin wadding). It both practically and visually softens and rounds off edges.

Quicker and easier to use than calico when thickness is not an issue (calico remains a key lining material depending on circumstances).

It can be used on the outsides of upholstered items (over the hessian support) prior to fitting the top fabric. This results in a luxurious, sumptuous and softened feel.

Very popular in the trade as the ‘go to’ interliner.

In traditional work it is very good as a barrier between hair and top cover helping to prevent the hair working its way through to the top cover. It can be laid over fillings without the need to staple or tack

In summary, a very versatile and easy to use adaptable interliner with multiple applications. Try it and see how it can help with your particular project.

Width 137cm (54″)

50mtr per roll

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Weight 2 kg