Leather & Hides

Whether you are upholstering an already leathered piece or are converting a fabricated piece into leather, we are sure you will find the right material for your project here.

Leather for upholstery is one of the easiest materials to clean, ideal for cars, boats or houses where items are likely to be spilt. With its high durability rate and breathability leather upholstery is easy to keep a piece of furniture, meaning you will see the fruits of your labour for many years to come. Even as it ages leather upholstery retains a natural, distressed appearance than many people seek for their own homes.

As a natural product, leather will often display traces of its past such as brand marks, scars, growth lines, veins, hump holes and areas of differing fiber density.

As with the case for many sofa cushions that are covered in leather, the padding goes before the actual cover material, so what do you do then? 
The best thing is to plan in advance by putting in a zip. Replace the paddling without needing to redo the leather upholstery!