Soft Furnishing Supplies

No upholstery project can start without the appropriate soft furnishing supplies, how else will you measure and mark out your patterns on fabric?
When measuring out your fabric patterns, tailor chalk is the ideal tool to place your marks, but on some fabrics where chalk does not always produce a clear mark. That is why we offer both tailor chalks and wax makers, so that you can always get a clear, sharp line when setting out your upholstery template. Once done, simply remove with a warm iron.
There is no need to worry about getting the perfect template shape again, with our flexible tailor tapes. The flexicurve will emulate the shape of an arm or other curve, it does the job for you in double quick time and accurately. It’s never been easier.
Get your upholstery template ready with our fantastic range of upholstery fabrics that are perfect for upholstering any furniture.